The Social and Economic Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Risks and Opportunities for the Global South

In this final decade for realizing the Sustainable Development Goals and in light of the yet unfolding economic and social impacts of the pandemic, it essential to take a multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach to the response and recovery discussions aimed at identifying strategic pathways for our global, national, and regional leaders. The key objective of this session is to help articulate the perspectives of the Global South on the immediate issues, risks and consequences of the current and future pandemics, broadly defined, within the G20 member countries and across the Global South. This discussion is important, as we work on policy responses to address the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 and other emerging pandemics.

This Global Table will address key issues, propose solutions, and draw on lessons of experience where relevant. The multi-disciplinary panel of experts and leaders will discuss the social and economic impacts of the pandemic as well as policy solutions in the following areas: Health as a global public good; social cohesion, macroeconomic resilience, and microeconomic impacts; and social and economic resilience and the importance of a gender lens.

Perspective Statement by Dr. Yonette Thomas